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                      Product name: Dust-Free Antimony Trioxide Product model: 無塵氧化銻 Browse number: 次

                      Product introduction:


                      Dust-free antimony Trioxide is a kind ofhighly decentralized micro-particles; it is obtainable by chemical treatment ofthe surface of antimony oxide powders to enable those micro-particles to be inslightly moist condition so as to eliminate the hazard caused by powder flyingto human body during its use and to achieve the purpose of high effectiveant iflamingand plasticizing.


                      Dry basis

                      Sb2O3 Grade 99.5% or 99.8%

                      Wetting agent

                      MEG,CP70,DINP,DIDP,DOTP,DPHP,as  per buyer?s option


                      Sb2O3 + 3-6% /Wetting agent

                      Types and pro protion of the wettingagent could be adjustable to meet buyer's requirements.


                      Packed in 20/25kgs Kraft paper bags withthe inner of PE bag,1000kgs on wooden pallet with plastic-film protection.packed in 500/1000kgs net plastic super sack on wooden pallet with plastic-filmprotection. Or according to buyer's requirements.

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